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—Rainer Maria Rilke

How do I get thingSoC? What do I need to get started using it?

thingSoC defines a physical, hardware socket system for inter-operable printed circuit boards, with a data centric firmware model for automatic device discovery, and a software API for interacting with the system.


thingSoC is a layered standard that includes hardware, firmware, and software layer specifications, and as such will have numer of different audience and usage models. This runs the range from "casual users" to "hardcore hardware geeks", and IoT Systems developers :

  1. Internet of Things Product Developers
  2. General Users, Students, and Educators
  3. Embedded Software Developers
  4. Embedded Firmware Developers
  5. Embedded Hardware Developers
  6. Embedded System Developers
  7. Internet of Things Product Developers


thingSoC is currently in beta testing and should reach official release in mid-2015.


thingSoC is community supported, you can help by contributing.

thingSoC has been designed to address many of the issues and limitations with current IoT development platforms. It is a community sponsored, open source project, with no fees or licensing costs.

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