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embedis is an open source library for creating simple embedded dictionary servers. Embedis is used for embedding key-value dictionaries into the SRAM, FLASH, FRAM, NVSRAM, EEPROM, or SDcard memory systems of small, limited resource, embedded computing platforms, such as the Arduino(AVR), Teensy(Cortex-M4), PSoC(Cortex-M0/3), and others.

I needed to support several different persistant memory store types, for a number of "Internet of Things", and small embedded system projects. These types include the internal processor/SoC based SRAM, FLASH, EEPROM, and Scratchpad SRAM memories, as well as externally attached FLASH, EEPROM, FRAM, NVSRAM and SDCard memories.

embedis Features:

  • SRAM, FLASH, FRAM, NVSRAM, EEPROM, or SDcard memory systems
  • An Open-Source Reference Design

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thingSoC is community supported, you can help by contributing.

thingSoC has been designed to address many of the issues and limitations with current IoT development platforms. It is a community sponsored, open source project, with no fees or licensing costs.


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The embedis Project by PatternAgents is available and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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