thingSoC Privacy Policy

thingSoC values your business and respects your privacy. We have taken every effort to ensure the privacy and security of all your transactions with us. Any credit card information, or other personal data that you provide during the order process will be secured with the highest levels of confidentiality using our PCI compliant shopping cart.

Secure Shopping Cart

All orders placed at the thingSoC Web Site are encrypted using SSL technology, so that your transactions are secured and protected. Using SSL for both the client and the server, any information sent via the Internet will arrive through an SSL-enabled browser. The majority of web browsers today are equipped with SSL technology by default. To insure that your connection is secure when filling out the order form, please check for the padlock symbol in the bottom border of your browser window, when using our shopping cart checkout. The padlock symbol should be visible and show the lock in a locked position, which indicates that you have an SSL encrypted connection with our servers.

Note: Plain Text Email is not encrypted and is not a secure means of sending credit card information. Please place all orders through the order form. Do not attempt to email an order to us using your credit card information.

Online Privacy Policy

thingSoC will always respect the privacy of our customers and vendors, and will never collect any personally identifying information without your permission. We have never and will never sell your personal information or your email address to anyone. All of our email communications with you will be only at your request via an Opt-In email format, and the email sign-up process requires your consent via a provided return email link.

There may be situations when thingSoC is legally bound to turn over your data under a court order or a search warrant. If this situation ever occurs, we will work with the appropriate law enforcement agency to do everything that we can possibly do to limit the amount of information released to that which is specifically required under court order. If you are a representative of a valid law enforcement body, please see our Law Enforcement Policy page for more information.

Any information that you provide to thingSoC while placing an order with us will be handled according to the policy in effect at the time that the order is placed. From time to time we may change our company policies, and any changes made will be announced using these policy statements. Concerned customers should review these statements for changes when revisiting our site. Customers also have the ability to Opt-In to any policy change announcements via our email notification system.

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