TSOC_RS485_EM : RS485 thingSoC Embedded Module

The TSOC_RS485_EM is a ATMEGA328 based board with integrated RS485 driver, in an Embedded Module format for the new thingSoC, Internet of Things open standard.

The TSOC_RS485_EM allows you to leverage the large amount of software and libraries available under the Arduino IDE for RS485 wired communications protocols. These protocols include the DMX512/RDM Theatre Lighting protocol, the Modbus Industrial and Factory Automation protocol (for using with PLCs - Programmable Logic Controllers for Factory Automation), the Vending Machine Bus protocol for Sales Automation, and many more.

The TSOC_RS485_EM accepts any thingSoC or Mikrobus module, to provide RS485 to almost anything as a bridge, including a variety of input and analog sensors, such as Temperature, Wind, Pressure, Air Quality, and Gases. The TSOC_RS485_EM also accepts a variety of output modules, such as relays for controlling lights, pumps, or motors, as well as stepper motor and other outputs.

TSOC_RS485_EM - RS485 Internet of Things Embedded Module :

The TSOC_RS485_EM connects any thingSoC (or Mikrobus) module to an RS485 compatible interface, including RS-232, RS-485, GSM, GPS, BLTE, motor control, analog sensors, and others.

The TSOC_RS485_EM can be configured as either a thingSoC master module (female connectors), or a thingSoC slave module (male connectors), which is implemented as an assembly/build time option.

TSOC_RS485_EM Model

Example Applications :


The example shown here uses the TSOC_RS485_EM with three (3) different expansion boards, from bottom to top, a MicroSDCard Reader (contains configuration data), a dual Relay expansion boad for controlling two different relay outputs, and an Ethernet expansion board to provide an Ethernet (10/100) to RS485 Bridge function. For example this can be programmed to provide a Modbus TCP/IP to Modbus RTU bridge, or an ARTnet TCP/IP to DMX512 lighting bridge.

Example Sensor Applications :

TSOC_RS485_EM Bottom

Project Status :

  • 03/13/2016 : Rev. 5.0 model and layout completed.
  • 03/14/2016 : First Prototypes Ordered (Rev 5.0)


TSOC_RS485_EM Model

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